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Logistic Incharge - 17/MG0467033 (8 - 10 yrs. )

 Saudi Arabia

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School & Graduation - B.Sc

8 - 10 yrs. 

1.    Responsible for all aspects of the logistics supply chain, stores management, planning, programming delivery management, site communication, record keeping, driver management, education and training, profit and loss, development and optimization of site logistics solutions to meet the needs of the project.

2.    Managing the movement of people, goods and equipment at the construction site and controlling site facilities management, selecting and maintaining vehicles in order to keep deliveries and distributions on schedule and within its established budget.

3.    Liaising with contractors and subcontractors in accordance with the program.

4.     Ensuring materials are brought to site as and when required.

5.    Optimized day-to-day deliveries for construction materials & organized the schedule for delivery on site with optimum usage of available resources in economical way, ensured that all logistical requirements were met.

6.    Responsible to prepare lifting plan for safe operation and supervised lifting, loading and offloading activities on site with accordance to the HSE rules and regulation.

7.    Responsible entire warehouse operations including site facilitation, receipt of goods, inspection, storage, inventory control and maintained the highest standards in material handling as per company policies.

8.    Maintained and kept all maintenance and certification records on all lifting machinery and equipment including bridges cranes, gantry cranes, mobiles cranes, crawler cranes, cables, slings, chains, hooks, clevises, shackles, lift rings, chain hoists, cable hoists and pins.

  • Ensure trailer/truck/labour hiring expenses, utilities and maintenance expenses were within budget.
  • 10.  Responsible for inspection of rental equipments and prepared reports by coordinating with site mechanics.

    11.  Responsible to ensure correct documentation which was served for issuance of consumables and tools/equipment, spares and bulk materials for project sites to be used by the construction team.

    12.  Involved in disposition of surplus project materials as approved by Project Management and directed by Materials Manager and Field Procurement Manager.

  • Control inventory levels by ensuring inventory transactions were accurately logged.
  • 14.  Conduct health & safety audits, environmental audits and consequently maintained standards by fulfilling obligations set by top management.

    15.  Systematically issued purchase order for diesel and monitored its consumption and storage.

    16.  responsible for overseeing the entire transportation and logistics department including all heavy equipment, assets, distribution of materials/precast elements, warehousing, inventory control and manpower.


    18.  Coordinated the full order cycle starting with procurement, manpower deployment, planning and scheduling, cost controlling and lifting, loading / offloading activities with strict adherence to HSE guidelines.

    19.  Investigated accidents and emergencies on site, and subsequently prepared reports for HSE manager

    20.  Kept strictly control on contractors/subcontractors vehicle movements, movement of heavy machinery and transport to ensure safety was maintained and work was carried out in accordance with NOC & PTW.

    21.  Liaised with suppliers, vendors and other third parties for best prices and timely delivery of material

    22.  Supervised erection and operation of machinery used for hoisting, lifting and conveying of materials

    23.  Manage and led a workforce of 200+ staff (Drivers, Operators, Labours).

    24.  Effectively carried out all end of project responsibilities like removal of materials and equipment, return of hired equipment, demobilization of staff accommodation and redeployment of staff on to next project.

    25.  Organized lay-down area for loading / offloading materials

    26.  Received various letters of appreciation and cash bonuses for excellent performance

    27.  Coordinated day to day operations in an extremely fast-paced & dynamic environment.

    28.  Directed and managed all transportation activities with on/offsite contacts, importers, freight forwarding companies, heavy haulers, port facilities, public officials and local site transporters.

    29.  Supervised the full order cycle starting with procurement then manpower deployment, planning and scheduling, cost controlling and lifting, loading / offloading activities with strict adherence to HSE guidelines.

    30.  Manage a fleet of 500+ vehicles including cranes, flatbed/ low bed trailers, dump trucks, boom trucks, forklifts and boom loaders and support upto 3,000 contract personnel during peak construction period

    31.  Ensured periodical inspection & TPI (Third party inspection) heavy equipment & loose lifting gears on time.

    32.  Oversee and coordination of the Transportation Contractor in support of the movement of Major equipment to site, hold and document all pre-lift meeting prior to any Lifting and Transportation operations taking place, and ensuring compliance with site HSE Manager oversee the contractor’s operations throughout all lifting and transport operations.

    33.  Conduct periodic departmental audits, maintained company’s standards, conducted budget forecasts, allocated resources for logistics department and regulated the use of hazardous materials

    34.  Ensure all workers engaged in lifting operations adhere to all lifting policies as per HSE rules and regulations.

    35.  Develop and submits complete lifting plans for all Heavy lifts to HSE prior to attempting it. Coordinates with all effects departments and HSE Dept. These plans consists of but not limited to of Site Drawings, Qualifications, Certifications, Lift Criteria, Lift plan documents, Crane lift worksheets, Crane Safety Checklists, Outrigger Blocking Selections.

    36.  Establish clear work methods and organized equipment movement on respective locations compatible with the established standard procedures (O&M) to fall in line with the plant requirements.

    37.  Work closely with engineers, procurement managers, warehouse and production management, field operations and all other parties to ensure projects were delivered on time, within the budgets.

    38.  Responsible for organising repairs and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, including registrations and insurance, permits, and investigating accidents for insurance claims.

    39.  Rresponsible for complete management of heavy equipment, facilities for on site staff like catering, transportation, on site cabin and office equipment, staff complaints, customer inquiries, rented/hire equipment, drivers and operators.

    40.  Organize and managed labor hours, travelling, fuel consumption, consumable supplies within the budget. Prepared work schedule and extra hours and shift as needed

    41.  Handle loads of calls and responded with possible solutions for complaints and inquires.

    42.  Introduce new work order management system to keep control of and track movement of each vehicle, records of mileage, repair/maintenance and all other expenses.

    43.  Prepared and established procedure and polices for fleet movements.

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